Water girls from the very start

Julie and Grace

When son John was infant/toddler, the female DG just assumed that he’d be a water boy. Despite her mother’s fear of the water, she’d been a water girl from the earliest days (pictured about age 3, boating on Lake Tahoe with mother, Ede). And John was indeed a water boy, learning to swim early, boogey boarding fearlessly even in the choppiest of surf, and then playing water polo.

Grace has always loved the water too, sometimes asking for a bath just to have some splash fun. Mom Julie and Grace are visiting family in Southern California, most recently sister Denise, brother-in-law Matt and their three kids that included an outing to Pyramid Lake where Grace got introduced to inner-tubing. Reports Julie: “All daredevil Grace could say is ‘faster, faster, Mama!”

Some genes are indeed worth passing on…


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