In a minute, your life changes forever

The two Gimpy and Grumpy people were sitting in an unusual place tonight, talking about how living with dying prompts you to do things that aren’t in your regular routine. For the DGs tonight, that meant having dinner at Fleming’s Steakhouse at nearby Stanford Shopping Center. They’d gone over in the early evening to pick up some produce at Sigona’s and decided to grab a bite for dinner. Suffice to say, this restaurant, for a variety of reasons, was not on their “let’s eat out” routine. But when your life is in the process of being changed forever, why not do something different?

About the time their entrees arrived, their server stopped by their table and said, “There’s been an explosion in San Bruno and everything is on fire.” They looked up at the TV screen in the bar and saw huge fire balls. Years ago when the male DG was a press photographer in Los Angeles, the Fall months unfortunately meant brush fires. They were scary and covered ground quickly.

For the rest of their dinner, they talked about how in minute your life can change forever. For them, it was on October 9, 2006, when the male DG had a seizure that was the presenting symptom of what was determined to be a Stage 3 glioma. On that day, their lives were forever altered. Tonight, their prayers are for those people in San Bruno whose lives changed today…



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3 responses to “In a minute, your life changes forever

  1. Ginger Terry

    So beautifully said, Linda.

  2. Indeed life is short and each moment so brief and full of such potential for every possibility! Love to L&C

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