Part II of last night’s big night on the town

Chris Gulker and Jim Klippert

Last night was a great evening in two parts – the meeting of the male DG and author William Gibson chronicled here and on – and then listening to the Cafe Borrone All Stars led by Clint Baker, a group we’d covered for InMenlo earlier this summer. During that first evening, the group’s trombonist, Jim Klippert, stopped playing during a set and pointed to the male DG saying “I went to that school.” Seems they’re both old Pioneers, graduates of Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, OH. Jim had spotted the male DG’s WRA polo shirt. So it was fun to check in with Jim again last night between sets and talk a little jazz. It’s the male DG’s hope the Jim and fellow musicians will liven up his memorial service with some New Orlean style brass funeral band music. Jim says Chris is the first WRA alum he’s met in the Bay Area. Small world, wonderful connections…


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