Silliness in a time of sorrow

Cow bunny shrineThe female DG is somewhat hesitant to share this current bit of silliness but, well, it is a barometer of the DG’s overall well being. She’s hoping that it won’t be an immediate signal for some kind soul out there to call the crew in white jackets to cart them both off to the funny farm. The breaking household news is that Cow Bunny now has an army of fellow characters to guard the healing oil that she’s in charge of. (Am sure that makes tons of sense.) This latest development is thanks to the whimsy and goodness of “Father Dave” (no one calls the Rev. David Perry that, which is why it’s fun to use) who arrived for a visit last week with the troop reinforcements in the form of Toy Story 3 characters. Then Grace arrived on Sunday with a newly-made picture frame with silly photo – all wrapped up for Grandparents Day. Add to that mix one Taize candle and dahlias from Sunday’s Farmers market. You got to admit it’s a “special” scene…



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3 responses to “Silliness in a time of sorrow

  1. Wish I could find a charolais to add…

  2. AmyB

    the fact that you can find joy and silliness in the midst of the rest of it is a gift… enjoy all the silliness you can find!

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