First Blush: Hardly a blush at all at the Equinox

Almost sunrise from top of Big Dish, Sept 2010

The female Dawn Jogger could only wonder why the Stanford golf course tee times don’t seem to be getting later to better align with the Sun’s appearance at this time of the year. But there they were on the first tee, high above Juniper Serra Ave. this morning, about to rain golf balls her way. She doesn’t mean this as a complaint – the golf course, she knows, is for golfers, not joggers. But the sun didn’t rise until 6:57 am this morning, and there they were at 6:30 just as they’ve been for months. As she’s done all summer, which officially ended today, she was off the fairway before the first foursome made it to the course. It’s another half mile or so before she gets to the gate to the Dish area and another mile until she gets up to the Dish itself. There she turned eastward. And still the sun had yet to rise…


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