Catching some Grace with the preschool set

Today was the monthly “grandparents day” at Grace’s preschool. How could the female DG not make the drive across the Bay for a two-hour visit? The reward was almost instant – when she arrived, Grace came running over for a hug.

The female DG doesn’t think she’s been to a preschool since son John attended Pacific Oaks in Pasadena, so the proceedings are all a bit hazy (except for the songs Grace sings when she visits the DGs.) All she can report is hats off to owner Miss Irene; check out these decidedly old-fashioned concepts:

After outdoor play, the children put away all the things they’ve played with back in exactly the right bin (e.g. dinosaurs go in a playhouse). They then wait patiently in line after removing their outdoor shoes before going inside. Next is circle time where they all sit with legs crossed on a carpeted mat that features a letter of the alphabet. The three whose turn it was for “sharing time,” get the undivided attention of the group. (Grace shared the replica Captain Hook’s hook she’d picked out at Disneyland – the boys loved it, the girls were less enthused.) They raise their hands to suggest a song. They leave the circle one at a time after being called on by Miss Irene, giving her the carpet mat and telling her words that start with the letter of the alphabet on their carpet. The say “yes please” and “no thank you.” They wait at the lunch table until their classmates are all seated before eating; they wait until the meal is over until leaving the table. OMG, respect and manners, what is this world coming to?


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  1. blackwatertown

    Lovely picture.

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