It’s about living, so visit a great dive

Chris at Duarte's Tavern

The female Dawn Jogger got up early and did a Monday Dish run – and she could post another almost sunrise photo (which she took). But mid-morning, she had an inspiration, given a relatively schedule free day (except for the weekly visit of hospice nurse Amy), why not head over to the Coast. All the weekend beat-the-heat folks would be at work, she figured, so it would be up and over, near traffic free on 92. That indeed was the case and the DGs were able to see all the pumpkin patches in waiting, gearing up for the hordes of boys and girls to come the next few weekends. They turned south on Highway 1 and headed to Pescadero where there exists one of the great roadhouses of California, Duarte’s Tavern. Where else, she asks, can you get  combo green chile/artichoke soup? The mild surprise – the place was jam-packed for  Monday lunch (but the 100 degree Peninsula weather did beg for a coastal respite.) They came home the “long way” through the redwoods and La Honda…


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One response to “It’s about living, so visit a great dive

  1. Lynne

    That sounds like a perfect day, alas, Duarte’s is always packed. It WAS hot wasn’t it?

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