First Blush: Big Dish, little coyote

Big Dish at dawn, 9/29/10

Sun up this morning was shortly after 7:00 am. It’s also been hot on the Peninsula for the last few days. So even the late dawn did not deter those who wanted to get their exercise in before the heat of the day – the Dish was all in all packed with walkers and joggers. For the female Dawn Jogger, it was her regular ‘up and over’ the Dish Wednesday time, which seems to being coinciding with the coyote family’s end of night hunting. First spotted last Friday, this morning found the up prancing close by the paved path, apparently looking for Mom. Said a fellow jogger: “Look, a mountain lion.” The female DG remains baffled that something so canine can be mistaken for a cat. Or, for that matter, the cavalier attitude of the jogger if it really was a mountain lion. That wasn’t the end of the morning’s sightings – a small snake was getting heated up across the path and someone had brought a dog into the “no dogs allowed” open space. (It was small enough to be a tasty morsel for the coyote family.) Once up and over, she looked back at the growing sunlight back lighting the Dish…


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