There’s Grace in Halloween

Grace and Julie in Halloween masks

Grace encounters Mr. PumpkinOn a day the male DG described as “just awful,” there was, again, Grace. She was, as usual, reason enough to get out of bed and enjoy an warm Indian summer afternoon on the patio. After picking a record 32 tomatoes in the vegetable garden she and the male DG planted months ago together, Grace helped the female DG and her Mom unpack the Halloween decorations. That meant unearthing some scary masks Grace’s father had purchased over the years – and realizing that really was Mom behind the mask. Lights went up on the DG’s front porch as did a witch and skeleton. With PJs on, Grace visited Mr. Pumpkin across the street before going home. A hard day with a lot of light…



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2 responses to “There’s Grace in Halloween

  1. Grace is such a blessing…..

  2. So nice to see my great granddaughter entertaining as she always does and nice for Chris to see her so often. mp

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