Gathering of the clan, prayer shawls optional

The testosterone level in the DGs house rose late this afternoon when a gathering of the clan (so to speak) arrived for a prayer service, surrounding the male DG’s bed with about as much care and love as a person could ever want. Among the assembled were those who’d shared Taize/Ameugny with the DGs last May, those who were part of their cherished old 5:00 Sunday service as well as a couple of the male DGs most loyal and faithful buddies, punctuated by a couple of clerics for good measure. Such blessings…



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8 responses to “Gathering of the clan, prayer shawls optional

  1. Matthew D-G

    A blessed time….but not until I saw this picture did I realize the blue shirt theme…..I’m sure it’s a sign of something……

  2. Linda, huge hugs and much love coming your way. You are a blessing to Chris and to us all….

  3. Frannie Hall Kieschnick

    There is a whole lot of Love in that circle! The priesthood of all believers. Blessings, blessings, blessings.

  4. Marty Arscott

    Blessings, blessings and more even in the midst of tough times – great idea to gather the men!

  5. Amy Bayersdorfer

    Nice to see you this morning, Linda. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Chris these days.

  6. Alice Carrott

    Oh, Chris, what a wonderful gathering of your nearest and dearest! Some people never know how much they are loved and what a difference they have made in the lives of others. You, my friend, are well loved, and I’m so glad you are being carried along with that tide. LPP

  7. Tim

    angels are waiting to catch him, his mom, Pris, ash, so many. We are here to catch you.
    all our love

  8. Dear Chris,

    You are indeed an inspiration to us all.

    You are the leader of God’s Disciples, may your walk be tranquil to the heavenly garden, Chris you are indeed loved. mp

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