A take me out to ball game break

Game three of NLCS October 19 2010

In the midst of dying there is living. Good friends Cathy and Mike decreed a break in the action (so to speak) and with friend David Perry in town, the female DG took the afternoon off and went to the ball park, where she meet Julie to see the Giants play the Phillies in game 3 of the National League Champion Series. There’s nothing like a day of baseball to lift the spirits. Especially when the Giants win…



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5 responses to “A take me out to ball game break

  1. Marty Arscott

    Great idea! Hope you had some garlic fries on behalf of those who didn’t make it to the ballpark.
    Love and big hugs,

  2. Kathleen Lussier-West

    Hi Linda,
    I wish I found your and Chris’ blogs sooner. Well, I’m glad I found my way here today. You look great in orange, by the way. I hope you and my mom will be able to continue enjoying the postseason. I’m sending good energy to the Gulker clan and the Giants.

  3. It’s a good thing Chris re-darkened his beard. 🙂

  4. Alice Carrott

    Am SO glad you got in a sunny day with the Giants! Great pitching! LPP

  5. Pamela Dodd Tate

    You are both an incredible inspiration on how to fully live in relationship to dying. A gift for all of us as we are on our journey’s.
    Blessings, Pamela Tate

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