Master of the keyboard comes to play for Chris

Joe Guthrie

Soon after the DGs started attending the 5:00 service at Trinity, a new pianist was hired to provide the music.  Joe Guthrie had (and has) many gigs – organist at First Congregational Church in Palo Alto,  musician for Beach Blanket Babylon plus appearances at a local synagogue. He was an instant hit at the 5:00 and continued to carry that late Sunday afternoon service until it was no longer held. Now he’s back at Trinity once a month at the Taize service.

Hearing that the male DG was in the process of dying, Joe sent an email offering to come over and play, which he did this afternoon. The female DG gathered a group of appreciative listeners – Sara, Marty and Cathy. They all sat in silence for as the music unfolded. How wonderful to be bathed in Joe’s sweet sounds…



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3 responses to “Master of the keyboard comes to play for Chris

  1. Marty Arscott

    And beautiful it was – somehow music can sweep all of us up together – Joe playing, the ladies sitting, Chris lying, and the reach beyond to all of us not there at the moment… blessings in the midst…

  2. Frannie Hall Kieschnick

    Well said, Marty. I am “reached” even as I fly East – that look on Joe’s face makes me hear and feel the love he plays with heart and soul. How wonderful for you all to have Joe’s “music to go!”

  3. Alice Carrott

    How wonderful to have music singing in your home! Good salve for the soul. Keeping you close in thoughts,

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