There’s Grace in Halloween

After a dawn jog out in Arastradero Preserve, the female Dawn Jogger and son John spent the morning going through the growing tributes to the male Dawn Jogger. Totally overwhelmingly and awesome. And so comforting to read the words of the many lives the male DJ touched.

In the afternoon they turned their attention to the much anticipated Pumpkin Patch preschool party and performance. A chorus line of 12 preschoolers each stood on an individual rug square and sang a medley of Halloween themed songs to the enthusiastic applause of the gathered parents and grandparents. Need she comment on how cute the witch is…



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3 responses to “There’s Grace in Halloween

  1. Frannie Hall Kieschnick

    I’ll just add my comment that that is THE cutest witch I have EVER seen!

    And the outpouring of love and admiration? No surprise, just great deep gratitude that you are finding comfort in the truth of a life so very well lived.

  2. Alice Carrott

    AAAdorable!! What fun!

  3. terye levy

    What a beautiful witch, looks like your having a very busy Halloween. We’re off to the wedding but we will see you next week when we return. From the looks of the on going articles “in Menlo” you never have time to rest. Keep up the good work.

    God Bless,

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