First Blush: Walking at dawn

Christine and the female Dawn Jogger set off well before sunrise for a walk around Lake Lagunita this morning. Great morning sky. And now off to the Oakland Zoo to celebrate Grace’s third birthday…



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2 responses to “First Blush: Walking at dawn

  1. I know this is not Anglo-Saxon custom, but Germanic-Dutch people congratulate everybody and (no kidding) his or her dog with the birthday of a relative. We have just gotten Fifi back after a 2 days disappearance, of which we thought we would never see her back again…. Hence we are in an extremely good mood, no matter our ethnic background. Thus : Van harte gefeliciteerd met Grace haar verjaardag! Congratulations with Grace’s birthday! All the best for Linda, we (no, I should say I, I should not hide behind my Dutch protestant calvinistic staunch historically determined background) think of you a lot.

  2. Alice Carrott

    So glad you and Christine are stepping out and enjoying the early am time!! Do love Grace’s pics. Those dark eyes with the spun gold top knot is so very beautiful!!

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