First Blush: One step after another (does hill work count double?)

Alice and Linda

It really was a “morning after” kind of morning. All the planning and celebrating over. Now the living begins. So the female Dawn Jogger and LPP headed first to Borrone for breakfast, then for an early morning InMenlo appointment and then off for a hike at the Arastradero Preserve. At the top, they could see for miles. This step by step business isn’t all that easy…



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4 responses to “First Blush: One step after another (does hill work count double?)

  1. Indeed, it is not easy. My congratulations for even starting….

  2. Marty Arscott

    Indeed – step by step, well… my… each moment, we are just simply here and now and on we go – on we go… Glorious celebration and then here we are… on we go, on we go indeed!

  3. Linda,
    My thoughts have been with you in the past week. Dylan saw the article on Chris and forwarded to me on Facebook. I have fond memories of you talk of Mr. Gulker in our Webswap days and how you would want to rush home to want to do dinner with him with such a school-girl look upon your face. What a love and admiration inspiration you were to all of us. I remember also seeing you both at the counter at Left Bank where you were tucked away in your favorite spot. I send my best your way, and would love to reunite the gang soon…would love for you to join us and relive our Survivor and Pond Scum days…

  4. To answer your question: does hill work count double? Answer: yes, it definitely does.

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