First Blush (and then some): Signs of the times and other surprises

blinking light on tree limb

The female Dawn Jogger took off on her Menlo Park neighborhood run later than usual this morning but it was still dark enough for a blinking light hung from a tree limb to get her attention. What was it doing there – and why was it flashing? Those with a more supernatural bent might have explanations.

BirdhouseThe story continued in the afternoon. She’d been out the house on errands for much of the morning and had returned for lunch. After being at home for about an hour, she left for an InMenlo appointment only to find someone had left a bird house on driveway. There was an immediate coincidence; the woman she was about to interview specializes in bird paintings. But it could hardly be some pre-interview bit of generosity from someone she’d never met.

With no note attached, it remained a mystery until her return. She turned it over to see the signature of a long time (if MIA) friend. A beautiful gesture of love and support…



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3 responses to “First Blush (and then some): Signs of the times and other surprises

  1. Alice Carrott

    I must say I am more than a bit jealous not to be traveling along on your INMenlo beat with you!! Hope your week is going along nicely! We hired our new person today. Whoopie!! Leaving Monday for Seattle. xxxLPP

  2. Hi, Linda.
    I have certainly no supernatural tendencies. But to me this looks like a warning sign for roadworks, sticking out bits on the roads, etc., left behind by road workers, or put there early for works later in the day. Nice bird house, by the by!

  3. A very cute birdhouse. And a very nice friend.

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