First Blush: Sorry to disturb you Mr./Ms. Coyote

coyote at Arastradero Preserve

For a steady couple of weeks, the female DJ was seeing a two coyotes (she surmised mother and almost grown pup) atop Big Dish. But while the warning signs remain along the Dish trail, she hasn’t seen a coyote there in a month or so. Today she got an up close view of the crafty canine while out on a long run at Arastradero Preserve. It was around 8:00, so fully light, and the coyote was still on the hunt for breakfast in a field about 30 feet in front of her. He/she turned to look at the jogging intruder and then went on with the hunt. It was only when the female DJ uttered “Git” a few times did the coyote yield the space and dash into the bush while the she jogged by. Coyote encounters are always a cheer up…



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2 responses to “First Blush: Sorry to disturb you Mr./Ms. Coyote

  1. Alice Carrott

    OOOH, I am so glad they were not hungry for you!! Glad you scared them off!

  2. What a treasure to get to see them up close… run with them almost. I used to see them crossing the road when we lived on Whidbey Island and hear them a lot. I love their song.

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