Late afternoon walk report

So, the female DJ’s been told that not posting causes anxiety in her three regular readers. Truth is that it’s relatively easy to get a dawn – or closely thereafter – photograph that’s worth sharing. But it’s much harder to produce something of interest at other times of the day. Or there can be a camera malfunction that results in the absolutely adorable shot of Grace in her raincoat and galoshes being a blurred hodgepodge. Then there are busy days like today when efforts are focused on InMenlo. It wasn’t until late this afternoon that the female DJ got out for her walk. Then it became all about how to photograph the new Christmas lights in a neighborhood tree before it got dark…



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4 responses to “Late afternoon walk report

  1. Cindy

    Pretty sure there are way more than 3 . . .

  2. Sue

    I agree Cindy, I’m sure there are more than three, I know at least two!

  3. Tim

    There are WAY more than 3!!! Love the tree…

  4. I agree with the other three commenters and we thus prove you have more than three readers. 🙂

    I enjoy your dawn walks and the beauty you get to see. Include in that the decorated tree.

    You are much appreciated, Linda.

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