First Blush: Walking the paths of an “old friend”

After a Thanksgiving Day breakfast with son John, the female DJ decided to visit a much neglected old friend, the trails of Portola Valley Ranch. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d made it out to do what she and the male DJ used to call “short Portola,” an about four mile hike along a series of trails most of which have either sun or oak in their name. They’d walked the route hundreds of time with Cassie as it was didn’t take up a lot of time but provided a good climb up.

Even after 9:00 this morning there was frost on the ground and it was nippy enough for gloves. But the trails had dried out from the rains earlier in the week and the air was clear and fresh. A pause at the top revealed the entire Bay Area…



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2 responses to “First Blush: Walking the paths of an “old friend”

  1. Nice! These are great trails but impossible to navigate legally with a dog in my opinion as some of the trails are OK, some not per directions on the sign posts. One would need a PhD in sign/trail map reading to figure out a legal route with a dog 😉 or just cross fingers that no one turns you in…

  2. How sad you couldn’t take a four-foot friends with you. But at the time you do your hikes, who would know and I know you are/would be a responsible dog walker. Have you recently considered getting another dog?

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