First Blush: Late morning walk, one month milestone

Fall foliage in Menlo ParkThe female DJ has been eying the calendar the past few days. Exactly one month ago the male DJ died. In many ways it seems longer ago than that – one month doesn’t seem like much passage of time. There’s been a lot to fill her days, including seasonal holidays, Grace’s birthday and long visits by good friends. Today, somewhat strangely, she finds herself alone. Strange in that it’s the one month milestone. She opted to sleep in and do a late morning walk in the rain with a neighbor. As they were almost at the end of their loop, the sign said it all. Uneven pavement surface…



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3 responses to “First Blush: Late morning walk, one month milestone

  1. Alice Carrott

    Thinking of you!! Milestones. . . Good memories. . . Got back from Seattle late yesterday. Crazy weather that the Washingtonians don’t deal with well. Parallized the city. Great time w/ Phil. We’ll have to go back. xxx LPP

  2. sue

    There’ll be a lot more bumpy roads ahead. Thinking of you.

  3. I’m thinking of you also and sending hugs.

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