First Blush: Back to “short” Portola

Friend Marty had seen the female DJ’s post about her Thanksgiving day walk on the Portola Valley Ranch trails and thought it a perfect jaunt for Sherwood, the Labrador Retriever pup. It was his first time out in the wild and he could barely contain himself – such good smells! There is so much ground cover on the Portola trails, they’re good even after a day of rain. A very welcome outing to end the weekend…



Filed under Dawn Patrol, Support angels

2 responses to “First Blush: Back to “short” Portola

  1. Fabulous walk and Sherwood (not Sherman!) is nestled beside me on the couch dreaming of ravines and splashing through little brooks with his 2 lady friends!

  2. Yes, sirree! Time to think about a new doggie friend. David and I recently (7 months ago) were given a 5 year old retired show dog. She is fabulous and so well trained. No house breaking to have to do and she walks so well on leash.

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