First Blush: Dish down, cattle up

It’s back to being a dark run up to the Dish from Piers Lane, now that the sun isn’t up until after 7:00. And it was chilly, too, as it’s been since the most recent rain blew through. It wasn’t until the female Dawn Jogger had made the full Dish circle that she realized that Big Dish itself was down, its “nose” temporarily unattached. She presumes its part of the repair/maintenance work that began a month or so ago. The herd was there to greet her in the dark on the way up, many of the young cattle blocking her path, although they always yielded. Three were curious about her on her way back to the car. Yes, the herd photos start ad nauseum…


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  1. But the herd photos are always different, so, no problem. 🙂

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