Reporting live from snowy Manhattan

Sledding in Central Park 12/29/10

That the female Dawn Jogger is doing that is a minor miracle, considering almost all the flights into JFK and Newark (and other eastern places were continued to be cancelled) Her flight showed an ontime departure of 10:45 when she got up yesterday but by 8:00 it was showing a 3:00 pm departure. Arriving at SFO, here airport journey began with changing stories why nothing was getting out. Wind sheer was an early reason. It may as much have been that workers, including air traffic control personnel, could still not get to JFK, so that limited capacity.

Her flight finally pulled away from the gate at 5:00 only to encounter mechanical difficulties so back to the gate. And by the time it got fixed, the pilots had “timed out, we’re no longer legal,” they’d been sitting around the airport so long.

Upshot, was the friendly skies folks pulled some 767 cattle car out of mothballs and loaded a couple of flight together on the red eye. So the female DJ arrived this morning at 7:oo am instead of last night at 7:00 pm.

Shout out to fellow traverlers Steve and Coral Wright who she met the right at the Red Carpet Room. Steve’s a 1K guy so could always get better answers and they were kind enough to invite the female DJ to join them for a pre-flight dinner. Good people from Sacramento!

Now finally the scene here. It is more snow than she’s even seen in Manhattan and clearly the issue is there’s no place to put it. It’s piled up every where and cars continued to be buried – she think the two pictured above were on 96th st.

All the snow means the kids are having a great time sledding and snow saucering in Central Park. (That’s the dark specs you see in the photo.)

To top it all off, the guy at the deli said it’s going to warm up to the 50s…




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3 responses to “Reporting live from snowy Manhattan

  1. Marty Arscott

    New York! New York! Glad u finally got there tho late… Well we have 3 new ft of nice clean powder in Tahoe 🙂

  2. Alice Carrott

    So glad the eagle has landed!! Thought about you all day. Have a ball!!

  3. Lamar Van Gunten

    I’m pretty impressed with your rolling with the travel punches….a good road warrior. I should take lessons.

    What is a “1K”?

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