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Big loop ’round Upper West Side and Central Park to end the year

The female Dawn Jogger met a former colleague for lunch on the Upper West Side almost directly across from where she is staying. A quick look at the map and it was obvious that she could get her exercise in by doing a loop. That the weather was very mild – temps in the 40s – made it more appealing.

garbage in Upper West Side of New York City on 12/31/10Unlike yesterday when she was in Central Park earlier in the morning and had it almost to herself, by noon today it was brimming with visitors, that included joggers wearing shorts (heat wave!) and many, many people who were using the good weather to sit in the park and read or talk. (For the record, the female DJ didn’t think it was quite that warm.)

Her route took her over to 86th and Amsterdam.  Along the way the mounting garbage was as much in evidence as the melting snow (slush is better than ice by far). After lunch, she headed up Amsterdam through a neighborhood she found out is called Manhattan Valley, due to its depressed topography. She turned right at 110th and came back on the perimeter of the Park, passing the many museums that make up “Museum Mile.” It was a good five mile jaunt…


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Reporting live from snowy Manhattan

Sledding in Central Park 12/29/10

That the female Dawn Jogger is doing that is a minor miracle, considering almost all the flights into JFK and Newark (and other eastern places were continued to be cancelled) Her flight showed an ontime departure of 10:45 when she got up yesterday but by 8:00 it was showing a 3:00 pm departure. Arriving at SFO, here airport journey began with changing stories why nothing was getting out. Wind sheer was an early reason. It may as much have been that workers, including air traffic control personnel, could still not get to JFK, so that limited capacity.

Her flight finally pulled away from the gate at 5:00 only to encounter mechanical difficulties so back to the gate. And by the time it got fixed, the pilots had “timed out, we’re no longer legal,” they’d been sitting around the airport so long.

Upshot, was the friendly skies folks pulled some 767 cattle car out of mothballs and loaded a couple of flight together on the red eye. So the female DJ arrived this morning at 7:oo am instead of last night at 7:00 pm.

Shout out to fellow traverlers Steve and Coral Wright who she met the right at the Red Carpet Room. Steve’s a 1K guy so could always get better answers and they were kind enough to invite the female DJ to join them for a pre-flight dinner. Good people from Sacramento!

Now finally the scene here. It is more snow than she’s even seen in Manhattan and clearly the issue is there’s no place to put it. It’s piled up every where and cars continued to be buried – she think the two pictured above were on 96th st.

All the snow means the kids are having a great time sledding and snow saucering in Central Park. (That’s the dark specs you see in the photo.)

To top it all off, the guy at the deli said it’s going to warm up to the 50s…



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Midday walk in the rain

No First Blush for the female Dawn Jogger this morning. While it wasn’t raining hard, rain plus pitch dark are not inviting. So she caught up around the house, did a quick errand run to downtown Menlo, and then donned full rain gear for a midday walk. Her destination was Tootsie’s, an Italian cafe a friend had told her about in the old Stanford barn. It was packed and, with the outdoor seating eliminated, she had to order her tuna salad to go – it was worth waiting for when she arrived back home. On the way back, she did a creek check. Far from rushing but more rain to come…

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No Blush: Blame it on this man

Neil Young performing at UCSF benefit for pediatric hospitalWell past midnight bedtime is not what the female Dawn Jogger is used to, and by the time she woke up this morning,  it was almost 8:00 am. So with lots of catch up planned for today, she took a bye on the usual Thursday route, thinking she’ll make it up tomorrow with a full Dish run.

She’s blaming it on this man, Neil Young, who she saw perform last night at a UCSF pediatrics hospital benefit thanks to good friend Cathy and Mike. No surprise, he’s still got it going…

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First Blush: Late morning walk, one month milestone

Fall foliage in Menlo ParkThe female DJ has been eying the calendar the past few days. Exactly one month ago the male DJ died. In many ways it seems longer ago than that – one month doesn’t seem like much passage of time. There’s been a lot to fill her days, including seasonal holidays, Grace’s birthday and long visits by good friends. Today, somewhat strangely, she finds herself alone. Strange in that it’s the one month milestone. She opted to sleep in and do a late morning walk in the rain with a neighbor. As they were almost at the end of their loop, the sign said it all. Uneven pavement surface…


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First Blush: One step after another (does hill work count double?)

Alice and Linda

It really was a “morning after” kind of morning. All the planning and celebrating over. Now the living begins. So the female Dawn Jogger and LPP headed first to Borrone for breakfast, then for an early morning InMenlo appointment and then off for a hike at the Arastradero Preserve. At the top, they could see for miles. This step by step business isn’t all that easy…


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A take me out to ball game break

Game three of NLCS October 19 2010

In the midst of dying there is living. Good friends Cathy and Mike decreed a break in the action (so to speak) and with friend David Perry in town, the female DG took the afternoon off and went to the ball park, where she meet Julie to see the Giants play the Phillies in game 3 of the National League Champion Series. There’s nothing like a day of baseball to lift the spirits. Especially when the Giants win…


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