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Oh dear, a new colleague had a complicated delivery

Charolias female after Caesarean section

Such is life in the French countryside that the female DG/DJ walked by this “ranch” (here called Elevage Daubard) only yesterday to check on her new colleagues when all was well, at least as far as she could see. The DGs are told that this local breeder of Charolais cattle has about 300 head. They appear to be divided into pastures based on age and/or mother with calves and spread from hilltop (Ameugny) to valley.

Shortly before noon today, the DGs set out on an ambitious walk for the male DG, which included some rugged down (hard) and a long extended up (easier but nevertheless challenging when one has only one side really firing, neuronally speaking). They were only about 10 minutes into their journey when they came upon a female Charolais that had been placed in an open air shed (pictured above) with her apparently newborn (left). What was most striking is that the calf appeared to be born by Caesarean section (given the shaved hide and blue stitches).

The female DG/DJ admits that she spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out why the procedure appears to have been performed on the side of the female Charolais rather than the underbelly. She’s deferring to friends and family who know more about these things to set the record straight…


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Checking in with the neighboring Charolais

Charolais cattle in Ameugny

The female DJ changed latitudes, moving northward, and replaced the herd at Stanford’s Big Dish land with the distinctive white Charolais of Burgundy. She was happy to find these two “girls” in the same field they were in last year, just down the hill from their converted farm house on the Impasse du Chat. It’s been 36 hours of settling in. And bundling up due to the unseasonably cold, rainy weather…

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