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Another milestone: return to the Dish

Big Dish The female DG tooked her surgically-repaired Achilles tendon (ahead of the curve in healing thanks to platelet-rich plasma therapy just like Tiger!) and tested it on real hill work, the ups and downs and Stanford’s Big Dish area. What a thrill to be back – and how nice to have the company of walking partner Jeannie. And not a twinge of pain felt.


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Post surgery breakthrough – hello elliptical machine

It was the nudge she needed for bold action. When the female DG got to the Page Mill YMCA well before dawn this morning, all three of her favorite  too-boring-for-words recumbent bikes were being used. The nearby row of elliptical machines quickly beckoned. Compared to jogging outside in the early morning hours, the elliptical is also boring, but it does provide more of the punch desired from a cardiovascular workout than the bike Рand the impact on joints (and tendons?) is minimal. She got back to the elliptical groove with a 30-minute workout without ill effect. Now she needs to pick a new audio book to keep the mind occupied.

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