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30x down slide, 50x building blocks – 24 hours with Grace

Grace arrived yesterday – the human three foot version. After being dropped off, it was the usual “I’ve-been-dumped” scowl from her perch in the “cow seat” (named for the car seat’s cow-like fabric pattern). But a trip to the “big kid’s school yard” at Oak Knoll School and mastery of the “big slide” – even if it was the littlest one – produced an immediate change in attitude. This morning it was a trip to the Farmer’s market, where the carrots she picked out never left her hand, and a stop at another park before the rain halted morning playtime. The Redwood tree building blocks are also proving to be a big hit  this visit. (Build ’em up and mow ’em down.) And she’s still happy to sit for a story – and likes Go Dog Go as much as her father did.


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A day filled awaiting Grace

The Dual Gs had so many ‘to dos’ today that they broke they’re [new] normal Saturday routine of going on an outing in the morning. One reason, from the female DG’s point of view, is that her heel/tendon had been barking since she got the new hideously-ugly-and-bulky walking boot a couple of days ago. She’d been warned that there might be an adjustment – and indeed there was.

But for anyone else who’s transitioning from a cast to boot post Achilles tendon surgeon, here’s the good news – no more pain today. And she feeling more confident navigating on the more rolling boot bottom. (Why the boot makes it harder for someone who’s already being challenged at walking is something she’ll be asking her surgeon next time she sees him.)

All of this leads up to the event of the DGs’ day – a visit from Grace and her parents, who were good enough to make the trip across the Bay to add instant cheer. For the first time this summer everyone met out at Mike’s Cafe in the Ladera Shopping Center where there is lots to see and do even for a toddler. And yes, the DGs enjoyed every Grace-filled moment.

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