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Hanging of the InMenlo photo show

Scott and Chris after hangiing the InMenlo photo show

The female Dawn Jogger got some very mysterious photos on her jog across the Stanford campus this morning but they’ll have to wait for another post. Today it was really all about the hanging of the InMenlo photo exhibit at Cafe Zoe in Menlo Park. You must admit Scott and Chris look very satisfied and you can see three of the photos on display. It wouldn’t have gotten done without the help of Marilyn and Chrisie Wendin. The male DG (i.e. Chris) has dubbed it “the last picture show”



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[almost] First Blush: Jogging to work

The female Dawn Jogger realized that if she didn’t jog at dawn this morning, she could actually jog to her InMenlo assignment. The berry picking season is open at Webb Ranch and the round trip distance of four to five miles from her house to the u-pick field was about perfect. And it seemed fun to have a destination coupled with exercise. Even just after 8:30, the cars were lined up to get to the fields, with a Webb representative directing traffic. The fields themselves were big enough that everyone could get their own spot (at least so far). Two young boys were more interested in pushing around their wheelbarrows. She got the job done and headed home…

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Taking stock of the Ameugny stock

Duck and poultry in Ameugny, FranceThe female DG actually got her mileage in at dawn today; the male DG has a head cold and opted out of the AM service at Taize. But as the female DG was awake at her regular time, she decided to walk the “long” way, which is down the hill from Ameugny, then along the Voie Verte, before climbing back up the hill to Taize. It’s a route that gets the miles in (about 3 1/2) but lacks interesting photo possibilties.

It also doesn’t allow her to check in on the local poultry, sheep, and cows,which are, more or less, down the hill from their temporary (but very satisfactory) residence. So after a long day of catching up on InMenlo content, she headed down hill to the valley, which allowed her to check in on what the chickens – and one very strange looking duck – were up to. Meanwhile the Charolais along the way seem to recognize her and beg for a pet on the head…

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All the news is embargoed

A thousand years ago (or something like that) when the female DG was the lowliest person on the financial news desk at the Los Angeles Times, a “flack” (that was the word newsmen – yes, she means men – would use for PR people) would personally bring by a press release that was “embargoed.” That meant the news organization couldn’t use the story until the release date. In the real-time world of 2010 this undoubtedly sounds like a quaint custom. But like the sexual appetites of major politicians and sports stars, it was adhered to. A major newspaper, radio or TV station never “broke” an embargo. So that’s the old-fashioned mandate she’s thrown down on the male DG for some great photo shoots he’s done in the past two days for InMenlo. One will go live tomorrow.

And for Achilles tendon recovery followers, the morning jogging continues to no ill effect. So keep hope alive!

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All over town on the InMenlo buzz

Truth is the gimps had already lined a couple of local celebrities (no scoops revealed here) before their InMenlo venture was covered by the local newspaper. In fact, their calendar is full, full, full. No time to recite details of an early morning jog, completed without incident. Or wonderful dinner with good friend Anne. (OK, there was a little excitement at the end of dinner, but one can look at the pavement or the stars…)

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Holly lives up to her holiday cheer name

Holly the Boston Terrier

The theme continues to be “busy.” But the DGs did get a walk in and also had fun meeting Holly, a nine-month-old Boston Terrier, while interviewing and photographing her owner for for an upcoming InMenlo post. Her cheery disposition- and very seasonal sweater – just begged to be shared.

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Gimps get photographed – will fame follow?

So they there were gathered this morning, the three gimps – the Duals Gs and friend Scott – otherwise known as the InMenlo team. Seems they’re local angle (hyperlocal to use the new lexicon) has gotten the attention of the local media. They were interviewed by an Almanac reporter a week or so ago and today the photograph arrived during their twice weekly ad hoc InMenlo meeting (known otherwise as the time after the male DG’s and Scott’s walk). The female DG meant to get a photo of the photog doing her thing, but somehow didn’t make it happen. Blog post idea, not seizing the moment – the condition seems to be going around.

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