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Remembering the importance of living – and walking – each day

The female DG’s blog focus has long been on “jogging at dawn,” first chronicled on First Blush, with the male DG doing the photo duties until his diagnosis of glioma four years ago curtailed his morning outings. She shifted to Gimpy and Grumpy a year ago, leading up to and following surgery to repair her partially torn Achilles tendon. Lately she’s been thinking that her dawn musings are vastly unimportant and that she’d return to chronicling how she and the male DG (dual gimpy and grumpy) are making every attempt to live each day. But she while she got off to an OK good start, she’s fallen short the last two days. And there were opportunities, such as today’s outing to photograph a spectacular new residence for InMenlo, which brought out the shutterbug in the male DG (post to go live next week). She meant to take photos of him taking photos.

So here she was on Friday evening without anything to post – after a pretty good day and early dinner at favorite restaurant Evvia – when she spotted on Facebook the musings of the man who took her place two days a week walking, if not jogging, at dawn. Scott has been an important anchor in their lives the past two years. That he thought to mark the anniversary of his and the male DG’s walking together, along with wonderful dog Lily, incredibly touching…


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First Blush: Back on the trail

The dual gimps were up and out this morning – the female DJ for a jog through Menlo and Stanford, the male DG back to the path where he hit the pavement a month ago. While he recognizes his hamstring does not have the strength it had last year at this time, he also thinks the couple of recent tumbles have had negative effect on his psyche. Not only did he conquer the up and back today without incident (the female DJ caught up with him for the down hill), but he went back out for another walk with friend Scott later in the day.

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20 weeks post surgery: to jog or not to jog?

That was the the question on the female DG’s mind this morning. While a non-option today – she walked with the male DG and they simultaneously got interested in photographing the same small patch of sky in the otherwise cloudy sky, she knew that would be the first question she asked Oloff today. After yesterday’s four interval jog amidst her morning walk, the tendon was achier than usual (usual being no ache, even after walking four miles, her uppermost limit at the moment). But was that ‘good’ ache or ‘bad’ ache? Stressing to recovery or doing harm?

So while Oloff looked at her now fully healed (at least externally) heel/ankle, she asked: “When can I start jogging?” “A month,” was the first response. But when she said she was aiming for a New Year’s jog in Central Park, he ok’d 10 minutes intervals (after asking what her former weekly mileage was). What she will do tomorrow morning, she’s unsure. But she knows more of what’s right and what’s not will get sorted out when Heidi visits both DGs on Saturday.

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Another milestone: inching toward jogging

Four months post Achilles tendon surgery to repair a tear, the female DG walked her longest distance this morning – four miles at a brisk pace. In fact it was brisk enough that she thinks she did the route in about the same time as she used to jog. That, of course, was always at a slow jogging pace. And now for confession: she actually did jog for about two blocks. It felt weird; it’s been almost six months. But no apparent ill effects. And she’s not going to be stupid.

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