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First Blush: Cheery voice from the past

The female Dawn Jogger has actually been greeted via phone and email from many cheery voices from the past since the male DJ died two weeks ago. But one that really made her smile had nothing – and everything – to do with his passing. For years, Dave Morey on KFOG started their day, the first voice they heard when the radio alarm went off in the morning. He retired to Michigan a couple of years ago, so what a great surprise to get back into the car after her long Dish run this morning and hear him being interviewed by the Morning Crew. It’s these little things that bring tears but also smiles…


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Hanging out with the KFOG morning crew


The Dual G’s were out and about this morning on various InMenlo assignments, including coverage of Irish Greg (pictured) and Webster at Peet’s Coffee where they were sellingĀ  Live From the Archives 16, a CD that benefits local food banks. It’s an annual purchase much like Peet’s holiday blend, which was also for sale. Now it’s off to Tracy for family reunion – busy, busy.

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