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Being a “fast healer” has its pitfalls

OK, this will make the most sense to people who understand the female DG’s passion for the San Francisco Giants, one of whom was coming out of Dr. Lawrence Oloff’s office as she was coming in today. In fact, she almost bumped into him.

It was well publicized last July when a certain Giants shortstop (playing in Triple A Fresno) had surgery to repair a broken toe on his left foot by the team’s foot specialist, who just happened to be the female DG’s surgeon. Toes and tendons are different deals, but it seems both need time to heal.

So, while Oloff pronounced the female DG “well ahead of the curve,” he cautioned her to not “overdue,” advice he said he’d just given to a previous patient who was also a fast healer. Strength exercises are to continue but walking is to remain limited. She’s itching to walk and the male DG needs a walking partner on Tuesday and Thursday. Doesn’t walking build strength? (She is sensible enough to get an opinion from physical therapist extraordinaire, Heidi.) But then again, like the more famous patient, what she really wants is to be ready for spring training – or in her case, jogging at dawn.


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The Giants beat LA

For something as important as baseball is to the female DG, there have been few posts, even though when she created this new blog she designated a “San Francisco Giants” category. It’s not that her Giants haven’t been an entertaining team all season long. But just a week ago she attended only the second game of the season (an all time low, counting even her years watching San Francisco play LA at Chavez Ravine), which was supposed to be the “most important game of the season” – a must win for the Giants.” But they lost – miserably. And that is what is intriguing about baseball (if not life). You give up all hope, and seven days later, after the bullpen comes through in a really big way, they’re still “in this thing” as the marketing campaign proclaims. You have to love baseball. Or as the male DG just proclaimed: “You’re still gimpy but at least you’re not grumpy.”

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Morning at UCSF Mission Bay and environs


BertJimenez1Today was both a “glioma day” and two weeks post Achilles tendon surgery.

The trek up to UCSF for MRIs and appointments with the neuro-oncology team headed by Dr. Susan Chang is a staple of the Dual G’s (gimpy and grumpy) life and not something that can be put on hold just because there’s another gimp in the house. So they headed up to UCSF’s Mission Bay advanced imaging facility this morning and were warmly greeted and well cared for by clinical research nurse coordinator Bert Jimenez. (pictured).  On tap was an MRI with MRS (magnetic resonance spectrum, which measures blood flow in the area; something you don’t want to see too much of going into a tumor). The male DG’s 90 minutes in the tube has been more frequent since March when his  of doctors  noticed “a change” on his scan.  Three scans later, they don’t believe it’s tumor growth but rather increased edema. Either would explain the decreasing functionality on his left side. While they usually get the results the same day, this time they won’t know until next week.

Thanks to WIFI throughout Mission Bay, the female usually retreats up to the pleasant cafe on the third floor of the Genentech building while the male DG’s brain is being scannd. But today, with no work assignments due, she decided to head out for a tour of the campus and scootered her way just south of the Left O’Doul/3rd St. bridge that spans McCovey Cove adjacent to the Giants ball park. Yes, she’s forever cheered by baseball, expecially the kind of ball the men in orange and black have been playing the last week or so. She broke no speed records and hardly a sweat, but it was at least moving – and the longest distance she’s covered since going under the knife. Any good she did was undone with s stop at Peasant Pies for a couple of its savory delights. More damage to come tonight – she brought some sweet pies to go.

Last thought: kudos to the “angel” aka UCSF employee who  happened to be visiting the advanced imaging center on her break and took the male DG’s two pies up to her  office to microwave so that he could have lunch.

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Anything Giants is always a spirit booster

scorecardSomething very, very cool arrived in the mail for the female DG today – a 1960 San Francisco Giants scorecard for a game played against the Milwaukee Braves at Candlestick, a thoughtful boost for her recovery sent by long time friend Carla McMorran. The lineup was filled out – Mays vs Aaron! – and box score neatly penciled in. Almost as fun was looking at the ads and remembering old SF restaurants and watering holes, most but not all long since shuttered.

The gift took on greater significance when she was reminded during the Giants broadcast that it was 50 years ago today that a young minor leaguer by the name of Willie McCovey make his major league debut, going four for four. The perfect tribute to the great Hall of Famer was Pablo Sandoval plunking a home run over the right field arcade into McCovey Cove.  The female DG met McCovey once during the dark days of January 2007 and boy was it a bright spot.

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