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The gimps call it a day – a full day

Call it a blog race to the finish. That’s the current state of the DGs as they rush to finish some kind of posts on their respective soap boxes. Today was non-stop action, beginning with an hour jog  (female DG)/walk (male DG) up Alpine Road and back, followed by breakfast at Mike’s and then a stop at a friend’s house that happens to be planted almost on top of San Francisquito Creek, which at the worst of the Bay Area’s series of recent rains didn’t quite lap  the foundation. As noted earlier, creek watching is a DG perennial. Add to this, more InMenlo assignments and a dinner party.  Just color them exhausted. Not to mention in a major the whine competition.


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The tradition of walking in the rain

Cat on a porch in Menlo ParkIn their days of long runs and even longer hikes (usually accompanied by trusty Australian Shepherd Cassie), rain rarely caused a “rain out.” Equipped with waterproof clothing, the DGs (then the DJs, Dawn Joggers) would head out in all but the most inclement weather. So with rain forecast for throughout the day, the decided on a two and a half mile loop down one side of San Francisquito Creek and up the other, a good leg stretcher that avoided the mud. Among a number of amusements including three wise men on the move, they spied a very pretty kitty, keeping dry on a front porch and perfectly planted among holiday decor.

Side note on the recent jogging: No ill affects on the Achilles tendon but some achy muscles as they wake up to a different kind of workout.

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