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Acres of skin and lots of grumps

So from the male DG’s post on his blog yesterday, it looks like the Dual G’s are in a dual grump-a-thon. Ironically, they are actually much cheerier than their cranky dispositions suggest. True, the female DG is having a bit of a time adjusting to the hideously ugly black walking boot – her tendon is continuing to bark a bit. And she’s totally grossed out at her ever-shedding skin that’s been shielded from doing its normal thing by eight weeks of cast. (She couldn’t believe other post-surgical accounts of scrubbing for days – now she does.) But the male DG really is working on photography rather than complaining, and the female DG is heading up to watch the Giants play the Dodgers tonight with son John. Of course, pending outcome of the game, there could be renewed grumps.


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Skin shedding like a rattlesnake

When the female DG got her second cast off last Thursday it occurred to her that her leg/foot had not been washed in three weeks – yuck. So she asked to ‘wash up’ before the third cast was put on and was given a thick wad of towelettes moistened with alcohol. Seemed like theĀ  sensible and sanitary approach and she generously swabbed everything below her left knee.

Today she happened to look down at the area around the top of her cast and noticed that her skin was peeling off in what appeared to be more than just the top layer. Had she given her leg a microdermabrasion and not known about it? What was happening on the rest of her leg – the part she can’t see?

And a bit more seriously – was the pain she was feeling with the 25% weight bearing normal – or is she over doing it?

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