Big loop ’round Upper West Side and Central Park to end the year

The female Dawn Jogger met a former colleague for lunch on the Upper West Side almost directly across from where she is staying. A quick look at the map and it was obvious that she could get her exercise in by doing a loop. That the weather was very mild – temps in the 40s – made it more appealing.

garbage in Upper West Side of New York City on 12/31/10Unlike yesterday when she was in Central Park earlier in the morning and had it almost to herself, by noon today it was brimming with visitors, that included joggers wearing shorts (heat wave!) and many, many people who were using the good weather to sit in the park and read or talk. (For the record, the female DJ didn’t think it was quite that warm.)

Her route took her over to 86th and Amsterdam.  Along the way the mounting garbage was as much in evidence as the melting snow (slush is better than ice by far). After lunch, she headed up Amsterdam through a neighborhood she found out is called Manhattan Valley, due to its depressed topography. She turned right at 110th and came back on the perimeter of the Park, passing the many museums that make up “Museum Mile.” It was a good five mile jaunt…


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