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Enjoying more hints of spring

Sometimes when two people have been married a long time they not only look alike but think alike. Such was the discovery this evening when the DGs realized they had photographed the same still leaf-less oak on their separate but same outingsĀ  this morning. They both set out on the Alpine Road walking/jogging trail this morning with the goal that each of them would do their thing for an hour. Both were pleased to be moving faster than they had done previously. Early on they had sun; then the showers returned. But the mild temperatures continued to herald spring.


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Perfect fall morning for a brisk walk

Friend Scott joined the Dual G’s for a walk along the Alpine path today, on a morning that defined the best about living in the Bay Area. Not too cold – just barely glove temperature – and picture perfect clear after yesterday’s rain. The female DG got another half a mile or so farther than she did last Saturday with her Achilles tendon holding up well. The know await a visit from Grace and the gang.

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Out on the trail [sort of] together again

horses_111409So the Dual Gs returned to their Saturday morning routine today, hitting the trail together in Portola Valley. Like the female DG’s pre-surgery days, she set off on a slightly brisker pace and, thanks probably to the slight incline going west on Alpine Road, even managed to break a tiny sweat. She also realized how much she’s missed be out of door – and how good a horse stable can smell (really). Then it was undoing any good done with good omelet breakfast at Mike’s Cafe.

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