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Snowflakes and drummer boys – oh so cute!

Last night, the female Dawn Jogger went to the East Bay to attend Grace’s preschool Christmas party with her parents. The minute we arrived, Grace was whisked behind closed doors. We were told they’d all be getting into their costumes and doing some last minute rehearsing.

The gathered group of adoring parents and grandparents were treated to a sing-a-long featuring little drummer boys and snow flakes (“On your toes, girls,” Ms. Irene encouraged the performers.”) Need we mention how cute they all looked and how earnestly they sang…


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First Blush: Breakfast at Borrone

Dog at Cafe Borrone
The female DJ jogged to Cafe Borrone this morning, meeting friend Mary there for breakfast. While there, they were able to answer an all important question. What do you get when you cross an Akita with an Australian Shepherd? A very good dog…

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First Blush: Back to “short” Portola

Friend Marty had seen the female DJ’s post about her Thanksgiving day walk on the Portola Valley Ranch trails and thought it a perfect jaunt for Sherwood, the Labrador Retriever pup. It was his first time out in the wild and he could barely contain himself – such good smells! There is so much ground cover on the Portola trails, they’re good even after a day of rain. A very welcome outing to end the weekend…


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First Blush: Late morning walk, one month milestone

Fall foliage in Menlo ParkThe female DJ has been eying the calendar the past few days. Exactly one month ago the male DJ died. In many ways it seems longer ago than that – one month doesn’t seem like much passage of time. There’s been a lot to fill her days, including seasonal holidays, Grace’s birthday and long visits by good friends. Today, somewhat strangely, she finds herself alone. Strange in that it’s the one month milestone. She opted to sleep in and do a late morning walk in the rain with a neighbor. As they were almost at the end of their loop, the sign said it all. Uneven pavement surface…


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First Blush: Doing the Dish by request

Big Dish at dawn in November

Big Dish walkFriend Cindy, one of what the female Dawn Jogger calls her “baby sitters,” has seen dozens of photos of the Big Dish and was eager to see it for herself. So they set at just prior to dawn and headed up the hill separately, the female DJ doing the full “washboard” Wednesday Dish and Cindy doing an out and back timed walk. They met up on top on the way back for what’s becoming the Dish photo op. Cooler this AM but still warm up top…

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First Blush: Catching the dawn camera crew

The female Dawn Jogger and friend Cindy were out early this morning for jaunt across the second fairway and then around Lake Lagunita. At this early hour, most of the Stanford campus is sleeping. But not this morning when they encountered two Freshman who were attempting to complete a film class assignment. Early morning November light is nice…

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All hail the bitter enders

girl friends

The memorial service and celebration of Chris’s life that continued at friends Cathy and Mike’s was all – and more- that the female Dawn Jogger could have hoped for. The smiles in this photo says it all. Ten of these dear friends she’s known since before she turned legal at 21 (back in the days when that’s when you turned legal). Five of them before age 8! And those three Janey-come-lateleys, what gifts they have been. Guess it’s not surprising that it was this group that turned the party lights off, staying to the bitter end this evening with good wishes and good byes. Strength for the journey…

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