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Much ado about the “man I fell in love with”

The male Dual G has been diligently working away at cataloging his years of black and white photography (mainly 80s stuff)  in their garage. A couple of days ago, he posted a photo of himself with the intriguing head: “That’s the man I feel in love with.” It’s created quite a stir – and a bit of horror from the woman (that being the female DG) who actually did the falling in love. Here’s the quick rundown:

– Noting the increased hits on gulker.com, the male DG thinks it’s because visitors are eager to find out the name of the man he fell in love with.

– Their rector thinks he looks like the Unibomber. (But where’s the hooded sweatshirt?)

– One close friend emailed that he looks like “an angelic Charles Manson.” (Yes, Charles was much more hollowed checked and wild eyed. And the young male DG was a clean cut preppie in the summer of ’69.)

What this all proves the female DG is not sure. That image is not everything? Or that image is everything?


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Nothing like a beer to reduce grumpiness

Chris GulkerIt was another Saturday morning filled with InMenlo assignments, an amusing enough way for the two DGs to get out and about given their current mobility limitations (although both of them continue on an upward trend in that area). Over a couple of hours, they covered (aka the male DG photographed so that the female DG can do subsequent write ups) an environmental conference, Foster’s Freeze, St. Patrick’s Seminary, the oldest surviving gatehouse in California, Lynn at Pet Place, kittens awaiting adoption, a hidden fountain, and, last by not least, the Oasis Beer Garden where Cal fans had gathered to watch the Bears play the Gophers. About the O: alas, while the carved initials remain, it’s lost a bit of its grittiness since being under corporate ownership.

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