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When it comes to witching time, there’s Grace

If ever there was a girl just a few days short of her third birthday ready for Halloween, her name was Grace. Her good parents had rehearsed with her many times the drill: “Trick or Treat” and then “Thank you,” so much so that she was confident enough to walk up to a door and ring the bell all by herself. Back at the DG’s house, there were many cheerleaders. The post Halloween high – Grace running in circles over and over again – tuckered out even Lily the dog. The jack-o-lanterns are smiling for the missed male DG…


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First Blush: Up the Dish after the rain

Looking forward to day of Grace-filled pre Halloween activities, the female Dawn Jogger headed over for a Big Dish run accompanied by son John. The rain was mostly stopped and the air was super fresh. Excellent way to begin the day…

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There’s Grace in Halloween

After a dawn jog out in Arastradero Preserve, the female Dawn Jogger and son John spent the morning going through the growing tributes to the male Dawn Jogger. Totally overwhelmingly and awesome. And so comforting to read the words of the many lives the male DJ touched.

In the afternoon they turned their attention to the much anticipated Pumpkin Patch preschool party and performance. A chorus line of 12 preschoolers each stood on an individual rug square and sang a medley of Halloween themed songs to the enthusiastic applause of the gathered parents and grandparents. Need she comment on how cute the witch is…


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First Blush: There is a dawn

The female Dawn Jogger’s first inclination when she woke up this morning was just to stay in bed. But that wouldn’t have upheld the Dawn Jogging tradition. Better to get moving and circle Lake Lagunita like she had done so many times with the male DJ. The tribute to our wonderful Chris is on InMenlo. Thank you, thank you, thank you all…

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First Blush: In a world of waiting

The female Dawn Joggers waits. The male DJ is in no discomfort but he is caught between life and death. That the sun will rise is more predictable than death’s timetable. But it did seem to take a long time this morning. She was out a bit earlier than she has recently. It was pitch black – with a hint of moonlight – when she made her way up to the Dish from Piers Lane. A little glow was evident when she reached the top. But the sun itself didn’t make an appearance until she’d run almost 3/4s of the route. Hoping for another kind of sun up…

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First Blush: A bit of a “God dawn”

When the female Dawn Jogger sees a hole in the sky, she thinks of it as a “God sky.” This morning’s sunrise lacked color but it was a bit of a “God dawn.” The best part of the Dish jog today – it smelled so fresh and clean after yesterday’s rain. Meanwhile, we wait...


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First Blush: It’s all about the clouds

Big Dish area

With the male DG resting comfortably and caregiver Joan (weekend relief for Susie) on hand, the female Dawn Jogger headed to Big Dish for a the washboard route (up and down and up and down etc). The clouds put on quite a show and it was actually difficult to choose a photo. Son John his here and he did the picking. “Looks like the road ahead,” he said. Meanwhile, the female DJ remains comforted by all the many words and signs of support…


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